Why did Finn leave the bold and the beautiful?

why did Finn leave the bold and the beautiful? If you watch daily the Bold and the beautiful and you are one of the fans of the character Finn then you must be sad because Finn has left the Bold ad the Beautiful.

As we have seen to save Steffy who is Finn’s wife in the bold and the beautiful he died, but who shot Finn, and Why did the person try to kill Steffy? Well, the most interesting thing is that Finn’s mother tried to kill Steffy but to save Steffy, Finn died.

Finn fans are really upset and want to know that because of this will Finn leaves the bold and the beautiful.

But who is Finn in the Bold and the beautiful? Finn is a fictional character in the Bold and the Beautiful, the role is played by the Tanner Novlan. Tanner Novlan portrayed the role of handsome finn😊

Why did Finn leave the bold and the beautiful?
Why did Finn leave the bold and the beautiful?

As you all know that Steffy has already left the Bold and The Beautiful as Steffy was pregnant in real life, well she can back to the bold and beautiful, rumors says.

If sheila gets away with 1 more thing, then it’s just stupid writing…at least let someone catch her in a hospital room before more happens, I hate sheila, let Finn come back, if stuffy is truly leaving the show then at least let it be a happy way like Finn being alive and they move to Paris….put Eric with someone else, that storyline is stale. Liam is boring, was better with hope and stuffy with Finn, people r too depressed right now, please we need some glamor and happiness bk on this soap, it’s getting aggravating, I will be a writer for yall, what u think?

Let’s check what fans say

Fans 1: Finn should still be the best man for Steffy. He should not be taken off B&B. They’re really great together. Sure, he lost some time when he had Covid & then death in his family. That doesn’t constitute a reason to take him off the show. Those things happen to everyone. Finn is a great character & his acting is awesome seeing he’s working opposite someone like the character “Steffy”. PLEASE PLEASE BRING FINN BACK to even the score against Sheila!!!

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Fans 2: I’m A BIG FAN of the BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL !! But I’m sick of this STORYLINE with Sheila Carter, and ready for her to be GONE for good. She’s getting TOO OLD for that Tough role. She IS NOT Victor Newman!! Just let Steffy have a husband, and END the triangle with Lim and Hope. It’s getting OLD AND BORING, being able to PREDICT what’s going to happen next.

Very surprised Finn was shot by Sheila. Bring back Finn the show is not the same anymore. I am a big fan of Finn. I watched the show from day one.

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Well, most of the fans are expecting Finn can return to the bold and the beautiful but Fans want to know when Finn will return to the bold and the beautiful.

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