what happened to the moon march 4th 2022

Do you know that on 4th march 2022 rocket part collided with the moon?

Is It True? At 7:25am ET prediction came true that Rocket parts will collide with the moon, but how?

The collide between moon and the rocket was not visible to people but the dust particle have lingered for an hours

Do you want to know what exactly happened?

On 4th march the rocket part was about to collied with the moon but today we came to know from NASA that it was collied with the moon.

Is it the end ? Well in outer space there are lots of useless satellite revolving around the Earth which can cause danger in future

According to National Geographic the Rocket was collided with moon a far side. 

Astronaut believe that the collision of moon and rocket has impacted more than 65  foot wide but it is not visible through the Earth Telescope.

According to the report the the search impact might be challenging for the astronaut to find for more than week or month