stagecoach carrie underwood axl rose

Good news for every AXL Rose and underwood fans, you will see both of your favorite singer in same stage

At the STAGECOACH Country Music Festival, AXL ROSE will perform two GUNS N' ROSES classics with CARRIE UNDERWOOD.

Are you all excited to join your favorite singer tonight's? I will also join and what about you

Well I am excited because I love this song, and I keep listening everyday 

Lets know more about AXL ROSE and CARRIE UNDERWOOD

Who is AXL ROSE? Axl Rose is an American Musician. He is well know for his Vocalist and lyricist

Who is Carrie Underwood? Carrie Underwood is a American Singer as well as songwriter

At last who is your favourite Carrie Underwood or Axl Rose? Mine is Carrie Underwood