Len Cariou leaving blue bloods

Hey have you heard that Len Cariou is leaving the Blue Bloods?

But is he really leaving the blue bloods? If yes than why he is leaving the Blue Bloods

Before telling you the reason   for why Lean Cariou leaving the blue bloods let us know more about  Len Cariou

Who is Len Cariou? Len cariou is a Canadian actor, he is known for his role in Blue Bloods.

At current time he has appeared as Henry Reagan in the blue bloods

Most of the fans watch Blue Bloods shows for Len Cariou and even I also watch the show for Len Cariou

But is he really leaving? The answer is yes, he is really going to leaving Blue Bloods, but Why ?

Please give him a break whatever you do don't let him die because of stress at form the show please

You can read more about it on our website , we have shared everything in details about him