how many brothers does chris rock have


Tony Rock has recently slammed Will Smith for slapping his brother Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards.

Footage from the Oscars shows the Bad Boys II star laughing at Chris Rock’s joke until he spotted his wife Jada was uncomfortable with the insult.

Will Smith went on stage and slapped Rock before yelling, “Keep my wife’s name out of your f**king mouth!”

Chris Rock has six younger brothers and a younger sister and is the eldest among the seven.

Although Chris is the eldest in the family, he has one older half-brother, Charles Ledell Rock. Born in 1953, he had a close relationship with Chris’ younger brother Tony.

Tony Rock recently answered his fan’s questions on Twitter where he stated that he has not accepted Will Smith’s apology.

When asked what he planned to do after his brother was slapped, he replied by simply saying "respond."

The comedian also confirmed that Chris Rock and Will Smith had not made up at Oscars 2022.