Is Eddie leaving Blue Bloods – What happened to Eddie?

Is Eddie leaving Blue Bloods? Most of you have already aware that Eddie is leaving Blue Bloods but is it really true? If Yes then what is the reason for leaving Blue Bloods? What happened to Vanessa? and Where is Eddie?

Well don’t worry you will get all your questions answered but the end of the blogs. I know that most of you are upset because of seeing your favorite cast leaving blue Bloods.

Eddie is not only your favorite cast but Eddie is one of my favorite characters in the blue bloods. Seeing her leave Blue bloods has melted my heart.

The CBS Channel surely knows what its viewers like, as it continues to impress them with its hit police drama series, Blue Bloods. The 12 seasons and over 200 episodes of the show are centered on the story of the Reagan family, and the dark and bright sides of being a police officer in the New York City Police Department.

Is Eddie leaving Blue Bloods - What happened to Eddie?
Is Eddie leaving Blue Bloods – What happened to Eddie?

The astounding characters of Blue Bloods is portrayed by Hollywood’s high caliber artists, one of those is Vanessa Ray who plays the role of Edit Marie Janko

Reagan, or more prominently called Eddie.

Who is Eddie in Blue Bloods?

Who is Eddie in Blue Bloods? Eddie Janko Reagan drew the attention of the show’s fans right away when she made her debut appearance in the fourth season’s premiere episode. Armin, an ex-convict with ties to money frauds, and his mother, Lena Janko, are her parents.

Eddie works as a police officer in the NYPD’s 29th precinct, where her husband, Jamie Reagan, is a sergeant. The couple in the story has no children and is preoccupied with their careers and fighting crime in the city.

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She was previously assigned to his husband, but due to his promotion, she is now assigned to Officer Luis Badillo.

What Happened to Eddie?

What Happened to Eddie? Eddie spent the majority of her career with his wife, Jamie, despite the fact that they were not romantically drawn to each other in her first season appearances. While performing her duties as a cop, she has been in a number of situations where she has found herself in hot water.

Eddie was seized by a violent suspect who received feisty words from her during interrogation in the fifth episode of Season 5, Loose Lips; fortunately, she was saved by Detective Dan Reagan, his brother-in-law.

In another incident, Janko-Reagan was shot in the vest during a shootout with an armed individual. Her gory interactions are primarily the result of her quick temper and aggressive attitude toward her work.

Is Eddie Leaving Blue Bloods

Is Eddie Leaving Blue Bloods? As per the storyline, the character of Officer Eddie Reagan is not going anywhere, however, a change of course and dynamic of her role might happen soon.

Reagan picked the latter in season 12, episode 4, despite the fact that she was already prepared for either a sergeant or a detective promotion. This new post will require a lot of adaptations because it is a different path than his husband’s.

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