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How to get student loan in USA: When it comes to studying in the United States, we all know that college can be quite costly, right? Students borrow money to pay for their education, and some are fortunate enough to receive scholarships as well.

The issue is that obtaining a loan is significantly easier for a native student than it is for an international student from India.

Students of this nationality will almost always have to apply for a loan in their home country, which is not always easy to do. Loans are rarely given to people attempting to flee the country, which could jeopardies their plans. So, what do students do when they wish to learn something new?

Most of the International student ask me to write article about How to get student loan in USA, so I decided to research and provide one of the best informative article that can help you to get student loan in USA.

How to get student loan in USA
How to get student loan in USA | Education Loans in the USA

I have found most of the student are facing issue with the education loan, so I tried to provide as much information I get from my research and the Student who is my good friend studied in USA.

Guys through this article our motive is to provide most beneficial information that most of the website doesn’t provide.

Are there Education Loans in the USA for Indian Students?

Because of their visa status, Indian foreign students have a difficult time obtaining a student loan from a typical bank. Their own country will not lend them money since they intend to leave, but their “host country” will not help because they lack citizenship.

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Having stated that, while the work is arduous, it is not insurmountable. You can still get a loan from a lender — although a different one. You can acquire a loan to pay the cost of your studies even if you are in the United States on a student visa. It’s simply a matter of being thorough and finding the right lender – with the correct rates.

Options for Education Loans in the USA for Indian Students

When it comes to taking out a loan, Indian students have a variety of possibilities. Each one will have various rates and perks, so you’ll have to think carefully about which one is right for you. Here are a few of the more common alternatives.


Discover is a popular choice among international students, owing to their low prices. You can acquire a good loan based on your GPA, and other benefits make them a popular choice among Indian students.

So, why is it so simple to secure an education loan in the United States for Indian students? That’s because this lender isn’t as concerned about minor details like citizenship or documents. All you need to do is be accepted into a university, and your GPA will decide your interest rate.

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Aside from that, students choose this lender because it offers complete coverage. There are some loan limits, but in most cases, the loans offered here will cover your complete tuition. Additionally, there are no fees to consider (application, origination, or late fees), making these loans relatively low. This also applies to student loan refinancing.

A student has the option of repaying the loan in whatever way they see fit. They can pay in-school, which is a fantastic choice if they work part-time while attending school. They can also choose a deferred payment option, which allows them to repay the debt after they graduate.

Citizen Bank

Citizen Bank is another popular choice for international students seeking a tuition loan. The tuition will be paid in full — and, depending on what they bring to the table, they might even get some fantastic deals.

You will require various items in order to obtain a loan from Citizen Bank. For starters, you’ll need a co-signer with good credit who is also a US citizen or has permanent residency in the country. After all, someone will have to be in charge of them.

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Aside from that, you must obtain a student visa. This will necessitate an interview and other formalities, which is why you should make these arrangements as soon as possible. Embassies and consulates are very busy throughout the summer, so you should make your plans ahead of time.

Last but not least, you’ll need a good command of the English language. Because most universities need you to pass a basic English test, it’s expected that you won’t be able to complete your education unless you can integrate.

Wells Fargo

When it comes to private student loans for those of Indian descent, Wells Fargo is another popular alternative. They are popular among all types of students because of their various payment options. You have the option of paying in-school or deferring payments.

In most circumstances, students are not required to make any payments until approximately six months following graduation. This will provide them with ample time to locate work and repay the loan.

The extent of your coverage will be determined by the university to which you apply. It will, in most situations, cover up to 100% of the expenditures. This will include not just your tuition, but also the costs of your books and the computers you will be using.

You may be eligible for student discounts if you are a student. However, you should check to see if you are eligible for these rate cuts. If you or your co-signer have an open Wells Fargo checking account, for example, this is a possibility.

You may also be eligible for further reductions if you set up automatic payments. There are no application costs, and there are no penalty penalties for making early payments.

Why It’s Hard for Indian Students in the US to Get a Loan

As previously said, obtaining a loan as an overseas student may be quite challenging. The following are the key causes for this:

No credit history: In order to obtain a loan, a citizen must have a credit history that can be verified. This may be challenging given that non-US nationals have no credit history in the United States and hence no one is ready to lend them money.

Foreigners Can Always Leave: When a person from the United States borrows money, the bank expects them to stay in the nation. They don’t have such assurance when dealing with someone from outside the United States.

They’ll Need Co-Signers: When a student arrives in the United States, he or she is unlikely to have any trustworthy American friends prepared to co-sign a loan. 

How to get Personal Student loan in USA

By borrowing from Stilt, you can acquire an education loan in the United States for Indian students. The procedure is straightforward – and for many students, convenient.

How to Apply? Even if you are not a US citizen, the application procedure takes only a few minutes. All you have to do now is supply the relevant papers for the lenders to run a background check on you.

Obtain Approval. It may take up to 48 hours for the Stilt team to determine whether you are eligible for a loan. You will be informed of the interest rate once you have been accepted, and if you accept, you will receive the funds shortly.

Start Repaying: You have the option to begin repaying right away – or you can wait.


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